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The Fallone Cabinet Boutique in Scottsdale

We look forward to the opportunity to install the perfect cabinet design for your home office, bathroom or kitchen. Our cabinet installation expertise will guide you through a rocess that integrates your ideas with our expert advice and guidance to optimize the function and aesthetics for your home. Fallone Building & Remodeling works to understand your lifestyle and needs in order to give you quality advice and first-class service to complete your cabinet installation project. We can offer a range of price options to fit any budget.

Not Just Cabinet Installations in Scottsdale

With over 60 years of combined experience, Fallone serves clients throughout the NE valley and Scottsdale -metro area. Based in Scottsdale, we provide complete project oversight from the creative designing and remodeling phases to the construction and cabinet installation. Whether your tastes lean toward traditional decor, modern materials, classical styles or eclectic sourcing, we can do a custom cabinet installation that fits your goals and preferences.

Cabinet Installation Assurances

We pride ourselves on a personal touch that only an owner-operated company can offer. All of our employees have had background checks and have been with us for many years. They understand what we expect from them to make our customer feel confident. Our A+ rating with the BBB is a testament to our supreme goal to deliver complete customer satisfaction.